• Pure Ceylon Tea

    The Only Cup of Liquid That Stirs a Whirl Wind inside You

    There is a magical story brewed to perfection, in every sip you take from our Pure Ceylon tea. The story begins from the day that the first two nubile leaves of the tea plants are prepared to go inside the tea basket. They ready themselves by absorbing the charm of the mountain dew drops, and await the arrival of the tender fingers in the late morn.

    This tender care and humane approach adds that extra bit of edge, to your cup of pure Ceylon tea. The collected gentle leafs are being processed and packed in our attractive package named as “Tet a Tea” that enchants the drinker with its alluring aroma, bright hues and the unique smooth flavour.

    Take a moment to explore the exquisite Pure Ceylon Tea flavour that is within the beautiful cover of Tet a Tea, and be spellbound by the magic that sirs within you...

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    tet a tea
  • Exclusive Distributor for TET A TEA in Peoples’ Republic of China

    We are pleased to announce that following company has been appointed as our exclusive distributor of TET A TEA products in China;

    M/S Qingdao Win-win Universe International Trade Co. Ltd
    Room 901,
    Weiming Building,
    No 23 Wuxia Road,

    Tel:86-0532- 85067882
    E-mail: info@hangai.com.cn

  • Certifications

    Euro Asia Corporation (Pvt) Ltd., is an award winning ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified Premium Tea Producing and Exporting Company both nationally as well as internationally, founded in 2005. Today we are the leaders in the category of Premium Tea Exporting Companies in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
    In recognition of total compliance with required international norms and conventions, we have obtained the following certifications;

    ISO 22000: 2005

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  • Awards and Achievements

    Our Company Euro Asia Corporation in recognition of our Product and Service Excellence was awarded two prestigious Gold Awards for Value Added Tea Sector - Medium Category and Best Sri Lankan Brand Export erfor our range of Premium Teas,which fall under the category of haute cuisine we call ‘FAVOR’ by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka at the 21st Annual Export Awards in 2013.We received a Silver Award for Value Added Tea Sector- Medium Category in 2012.

    In addition, our Company received the Most Outstanding Tea Branding Award - Other Regions at the Hong Kong International Trade Fair Tea Competition - 2012, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Authority.

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  • tet a tea
  • tet a tea