• Pure Ceylon Tea

    The Only Cup of Liquid That Stirs a Whirl Wind inside You

    There is a magical story brewed to perfection, in every sip you take from our Pure Ceylon tea. The story begins from the day that the first two nubile leaves of the tea plants are prepared to go inside the tea basket. They ready themselves by absorbing the charm of the mountain dew drops, and await the arrival of the tender fingers in the late morn.

    This tender care and humane approach adds that extra bit of edge, to your cup of pure Ceylon tea. The collected gentle leafs are being processed and packed in our attractive package named as ?Tet a Tea? that enchants the drinker with its alluring aroma, bright hues and the unique smooth flavour.

    Take a moment to explore the exquisite Pure Ceylon Tea flavour that is within the beautiful cover of Tet a Tea, and be spellbound by the magic that sirs within you...

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    tet a tea
  • Tet a Tea is the newest range of flavours, which are being introduced by the favourite tea brand Euro Asia. The tea story expands, where a sip from this magical brew instantly addicts the drinker to a revolutionary experience of a wholesome healthy beverage.

    Euro Asia Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

    The story of the magical brew of Euro Asia officially began in the year 2005 under the patronage of our founder and other distinguished professionals who set off to give a new dimension for Sri Lankan Tea in the Russian and other CIS markets.

    At the initial stage we thought it would be challenging to enter in to the already existing delightful tea market. But thanks to founders who found our unique range of tantalizing flavoured and unflavoured tea, our band was well received. The secret was to retain traditional goodness yet present it with novel thinking. The journey of Euro Asia Cooperation began in Russia a country which was by no means a stranger to us. The company backed by professionals had the perfect means for a fruitful venture as it knew its product cum its target audience.

    tet a tea
  • tet a tea
  • tet a tea